Telluride Summer Vacation Guide

Telluride in the Summer

A summer vacation in Telluride, Colorado is pure mountain magic. In the summer months, wildflowers explode all around you and compliment your hiking, biking and horseback riding adventures. In the fall, bright aspen leaves provide a stunning contrast to the deep green of the pine forests. If the scenery isn’t enough for you, outdoor activities and unique experiences abound in Telluride.

Established in 1887 with the buzz of eager miners looking to claim their fortune, Telluride's history is a colorful as the Victorian homes that saturate its town. Many would argue that Telluride is named after the nonmetallic element, tellurium, which can be found in the surrounding area and is often bundled with gold and silver. Other historians would assert that Telluride’s nomenclature from local miners who would yell, “To-Hell-You-Ride".

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